• Enamelling pots, pans, plates and other kitchen items.
  • Covering a broad gamma drinkers enamel.
  • Enamelling plates and heating elements.
  • Enamelling silencers for agricultural tractors and other vehicles.
For over 30 years specializing in enammeling steel and cast iron. We perform our services on behalf of the Polish partners, and from many European countries.
From the beginning we try to consistently adjust our strategy of action so as to coincide with the expectations of our customers, leading to permanent joint development of both parties. This makes the customers have for us a big confidence. Direct contact with many leading manufacturers gives us quick access to news and allows for continuous development, improving the quality of our services and to maintain favorable, competitive prices. In 2002, our company has implemented a quality management system complies with the requirements contained in ISO 9001:2000.
"Our service is characterized by quality enamelling constantly modernized and improved, at a reasonable price that satisfies our customers."
  • care for the high level of service,
  • experienced and specialized personnel,
  • stable and credible market position.
We specialize in covering the surface of vitreous enamel steel and cast iron. In our factory we process products such as:
Gates for all types of farm tractors and forklifts, outer parts of carbon and kitchen stoves, boilers, metal baskets used in heating plants in flue heat exchangers, Fittings Industrial Water - Sewage: hydrant pipes, valves and valve cover, cylinder heads, bands - from DN 40 to DN 500, ball Valves drinkers for pigs and cattle, Hunting kettles, grills, pots and pans.